Self-service car wash project

Key aspects of developing
a self-service car wash project by "De-wash":

Individual Approach

Comprehensive Research

Thorough Planning

Technological Design

Flexibility and Adjustments

Long-term Perspective

Transparency and Precision

Experts from “De-wash” adopt an individual approach to each project, considering the landscape’s specifics, customer needs, and future car wash users’ requirements.

Pre-project research is conducted comprehensively, including site analysis, defining the concept of the facility, and creating a technical task. This ensures the creation of an optimal project in terms of functionality and meeting requirements.

Developing a layout plan for buildings, designing access roads, and analyzing the load on foundations and walls ensures efficient space utilization and long-term structural reliability.

The explanatory note includes detailed descriptions of selected technologies and recommended construction materials. This optimizes washing processes, provides high-quality service, and takes into account ecological and efficiency aspects.

The developed project is discussed with the client, and necessary changes and adjustments are made as required. This ensures alignment of the final outcome with the client’s expectations.

Having projects for different numbers of stations (2, 5, 10) allows for future reconfiguration, renovations, or expansion of the building without the need for demolishing walls or major modifications to engineering systems.

A finished project enables accurate determination of work scopes, quantity of construction materials, and overall construction costs. This ensures transparency in budgeting and planning.

In conclusion, developing a self-service car wash project by “De-wash” ensures the creation of a high-quality facility that addresses customer needs, considers technological and functional aspects, and provides long-term adaptability and efficiency.

The "De-Wash" self-service car wash project offers the following possibilities:

Site Preparation

Our team of experts thoroughly studies the site and its characteristics to prepare it effectively for construction. This allows us to optimize space utilization and consider the terrain and infrastructure features.

Customer and Client Needs Consideration

We pay attention to every customer’s request and the needs of future clients. When designing the self-service car wash, we aim to create a satisfying and convenient experience for each user.

Optimized Load Distribution

Our engineers professionally calculate the load on the foundation and building walls, ensuring stability and durability of the structure.

Quality Materials and Transparent Cost

We select only high-quality materials for construction, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the car wash. All material calculations and the overall construction cost are transparently outlined in the project.

Flexibility for Future Changes

The “De-Wash” project for 2, 5, or 10 bays allows flexibility for future changes and upgrades. This makes it easy to undertake renovations, repairs, or expansions without the need for wall demolition or altering engineering communications.

Analysis of Work Complexity and Determining Volumes

The finalized “De-Wash” project provides a detailed analysis of the complexity of the work and its volumes, helping the client understand expected labor costs. Additionally, the end-to-end construction cost is calculated.

Key Elements of the "De-Wash" Project:

Technical Design

  • During the initial design phase, we meticulously develop equipment parameters, optimize the water purification system, and calculate energy consumption. All technical aspects adhere to the highest standards.

Adherence to Requirements and Standards

  • The explanatory note extensively describes the composition of wastewater, equipment characteristics, water purification technology, and also takes into account fire safety, technical security, labor protection, and industrial sanitation requirements.

Location and Infrastructure

  • When selecting the site, we analyze traffic, the presence of utilities, and other factors to ensure convenience for future clients.

The “De-Wash” self-service car wash project is a pivotal step towards successfully realizing a modern self-service car wash. We offer a reliable and meticulously designed path to creating an outstanding facility that combines innovative technologies, maximum flexibility, and an unparalleled level of comfort for customers.

In our project you will find:

  • A site layout plan for construction that will make the most efficient use of the available space.

  • Architectural, structural and space-planning solutions that ensure the efficiency and functionality of the building.

  • Drawings of the location of the building, premises and points, allowing for optimal placement of equipment and ensuring the convenience of customers.

  • Recommendations for selecting, installing and connecting equipment so that everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

  • A preliminary design of a self-service car wash for 2, 5 or 10 stations, which will exactly match your plans.

  • Recommendations on necessary measures and design of a wastewater treatment system, ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations.

If you have decided to start your own self-service car wash business and are looking for the perfect self-service car wash solution, where every detail will take into account your needs and the characteristics of your region, be sure to contact us. Our contact details are listed in the “Contacts” section. Our managers are ready to listen to you, take into account all your wishes and, in the shortest possible time, develop for you a turnkey self-service car wash project for 2, 5 or 10 stations. We are ready to help you turn your idea into reality.

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