Online self-service car wash accounting

How does the De-Wash self-service car wash business management system work?

Proper management of a self-service car wash business helps you control everything. You do not need to regularly visit your site for this – monitoring will take place remotely. Do you want to have your own analogue of a data center in which information about a self-service car wash is collected, stored and analyzed?

Do you want to understand how to increase customer focus and become the most attractive to service customers in a highly competitive business? Then read carefully about the innovative approach offered by De-Wash.

Incredible potential of opportunities

The software is a smart car wash management system. It exercises full round-the-clock control over the functioning of one facility and a network of self-service car washes belonging to one owner.

Viewing statistics for a period includes:

Number of consumables used by volume
and acquisition costs;

Number of cars arriving at the site;

Amount of money coming from each post
and self-service car washes in general;

The number and size of bonuses issued according to the developed loyalty program for a specific car wash;

Duration of service programs;

Technical condition of the self-service car wash,
indicators of pressure, liquid level, lighting, temperature.

Uniqueness of administration

You have an Internet solution with minimal
interference in his work.

The results of the functioning of the self-service car wash are displayed on the screen independently, in an easy-to-view format (tables, graphs, diagrams)

The current results per day are analyzed,
week, month and longer time period. It is shown through receipt, issue and balance for the car wash and each post.

Information is available on the number of refills made and the amounts spent on self-service car wash services. Each client’s page opens, where you can see how actively he washed his car, how much he spent on each visit, and how many bonuses were awarded. The client first deposits money onto the De-Wash card issued to him. Therefore, after 30 days, it is possible to approximately determine how much money he will spend on keeping the car clean.

The results of using water, foam, wax, electricity in general and for 1 car are calculated. This helps to assess what is in greatest demand and what changes can be introduced on the basis of generating profit and maintaining profitability.

Read more about online monitoring
and accounting in the De-Wash System (DWS) service

A turnkey car wash business can be fully controlled from any Internet-served space if the DWS accounting and management service is installed. It replaces many specialists, saves time on calculations and reconciliations, and demonstrates the real situation at the car wash for any period of time. You have access to any display of information: numbers, graphs, charts for any selected indicator.

Financial monitoring controls and displays on the gadget screen everything related to money and other quantitative expressions.

– accounting for cash receipts to client accounts;
– counting the money spent on paying for services;
– establishing current prices;
– number of promotional offers used;
– summing up the functioning of all car wash programs
– accounting for the use of consumable resources;
– output of statistical data for any option.

Technical monitoring is used to check and assess the condition of equipment, communications, components and protective devices around the clock.

Result of using online monitoring tool
De-Wash System

Detailed and summary analysis for specific control modules, for one car wash, for the entire network of self-service car washes belonging to one owner.
– Viewing with the ability to transfer the received data to an EXCEL table (it is convenient to summarize the value in it, use formulas to calculate profitability, profitability and other important indicators).
The hourly period is selected per day (divided into 30-60 minutes), per month (daily viewing) or per year (divided into months).

A solution that will surprise the market

You can simultaneously run another business, relax, or engage in any type of activity. You don’t even need to call the operator on duty to find out how things are going.

Thanks to the offered software, numerous settings are available.

  • Correction of self-service car wash operating parameters in order to optimize costs and shorten pauses in the operation of equipment and systems.
  • Personally compiling interesting promotional offers for each driver by sending an email or SMS to the phone.
  • Ability to turn on, change, turn off any operating option that concerns the car wash (hot, cold water, osmosis, foam, wax, air).
  • Planning a future business development strategy based on received monthly, daily, hourly actual data.
  • The information in the database is protected from phishing and DOS attacks.
  • Access is granted to the owner of the self-service car wash or his authorized representative.

How data is generated

All collected information goes to cloud storage. They use closed Internet communications or wireless GMS networks. During the specified period (a year or more), data is accumulated and is available only to registered users.

Outsiders cannot use electronic documentation that is a trade secret. Information is protected thanks to modern computer systems. The owner of a self-service car wash can create users with limited access rights to servers that see only authorized information.

Registration login and password can be changed. Access is provided from any desktop or mobile Internet device.
The software can check the equipment at the car wash at any time during its operation.

Basic package includes:
– temperature meters outdoors, on a heated floor for warm water, in a technical room;
– high pressure sensors (separately for stations) and low pressure (measurement at the inlet), in the osmosis apparatus;
– water level meters in buffers, chemical solutions, osmotic fluid residue.;
– energy and water consumption sensors;
– relay for turning on the evening light at each post;
– relay for activation of the winter Antifrost system;
– central controller;
– fault detector.

For those wishing to receive the DWS online monitoring system

By placing an order for an online monitoring system for a turnkey car wash business, you manage your car washes remotely. WEB technologies significantly simplify all processes, helping to set initial parameters and follow these values. You control the running of the business, optimize the use of consumables, simplify the car washing process for customers, and develop and establish marketing offers. And all this without a personal visit to a turnkey car wash.

The DWS system produces a weekly reporting sheet summarizing daily results. If a technical failure suddenly occurs, you immediately receive a message on your mobile phone (mail) and call our specialists to fix the problem. Access using a personal login and password will prevent unauthorized persons from logging into the system.

An online monitoring and business management system for self-service car washes can be obtained from De-Wash. We not only carry out construction from scratch, but also give you the chance to get a turnkey self-service car wash management system. Call to see the proposed prospects for yourself and see the simplicity of the smart car wash solution. Doing business with him is much easier and more enjoyable!

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