Self-service washing equipment

Self-service car wash equipment De-Wash

The main role in cleaning the car body is played by self-service car wash equipment. But when it comes to the price format as a whole, it is convenient to operate with numbers for an equipped specific unit, ready for use.

Options for different formats of equipment for self-service car wash

We offer 5 models of financial organization of car wash. Prices are averaged and may vary slightly.

Knowing the price of installing one post (box) and planning a certain number of them, it is easy to calculate how much it will cost to install the selected self-service car wash. The construction of additional service areas (cleaning the interior, creating a cafe, a point selling drinking water) and landscaping the territory is not included in this cost.

4211 €

Cost of a self-service car wash with one station. Consists of a steel control station, a bill acceptor, a high-pressure pump, a 1000 liter tank, a hose with a gun, and a pantograph. Water, foam, wax. If you order this, the payback period of the object will increase.

4532 €

The car wash structure consists of one box. Added protection for the foam injector, another tube, clothespins and a retainer.

6390 €

Version “Standard +” for 1 post. A card reader, another high-pressure pump, and 3 tanks for liquid chemicals have been added to the remote control. A light sensor was installed, the box was heated, and a system for monitoring and accounting for consumables was introduced.

8466 €

Premium version for 1 self-service car wash station. Added the Antifrost system, personnel identification option, GPSM, door opening, heating and lighting in the box. Warm water appears and the body is washed with reverse osmosis water.

11 735 €

VIP version for 1 post. Added PayPass calculation system, bypass protection when connecting two powerful pumps, blackening of wheels. You can call the administrator.

Based on the price of a self-service car wash, we can draw the following brief conclusion. An open post for 100 cars per day will cost approximately 5,000 euros. Closed box with insulation – about 9,000-12,000 euros (depending on the chosen model), Robowash (an improved version of a contactless car wash) – about 20,000 euros.

What is included in the concept of technical equipment

Let us consider in detail what equipment the posts have.

We provide all De-Wash equipment from brands that are trusted in European countries.

High pressure devices from 250 bar.

We select according to actual parameters. 1 or 2 pumps installed. For hard water we use HAWK stainless steel products with a 5-year warranty period. Withstands liquid temperatures up to +100℃. A brass pump is useful for less chemically aggressive water and can work without problems for 2 years until the first medical examination. Capable of functioning at water temperatures up to +60℃.

Pressure regulators

(Bypasses). They level the critical stress in the high-pressure chamber. Connect with hoses, preventing their rupture.

Spray nozzles

Serve water and foam in fine portions. Using connectors, they are attached to high-pressure hoses. Shut-off parts that control the flow of liquid and gaseous media include nipples, plugs, and distributors.

Foam injectors

Designed for medium and high pressure. Foam generators are responsible for the parameters of the foam supply jet.

Powerful turbine vacuum cleaners

With 3 phases, thanks to which surface dirt and partially trampled debris are well removed. If one phase fails, the other two continue to operate. A rotating pantograph with hoses simplifies access to the vehicle.

Water filtration

For washing off foam, for osmosis, for purifying air when inflating wheels. Purified water using a special method does not harm cars. Each system has 2-4 filters and a design for preliminary water preparation.

Wastewater treatment unit

Выполняется механическим путём (отбор загрязнений через мелкодисперсные сита), физико-химическим (активные реагенты, связывающие грязь и мусор) или биологическим (анаэробные бактерии).

Smart car wash

Automatically closing and opening gates, smart traffic lights, LED screens, video surveillance – all this is also taken into account when constructing a self-service car wash.

Electric motors Nicolini or Rabel

More economical in energy consumption. Practical, unproblematic, reliable, safe motors with protection against phase imbalance. Preference is given to Italian equipment, which is an order of magnitude higher in operational use compared to less expensive Chinese counterparts.

Dosing pumps and pressure gauges

The former monitor the optimal consumption of chemicals, and the latter prevent failure of the high pressure system.


They have a positive effect on the speed of washing the car and the performance characteristics of the hoses. Consoles increase the efficiency of self-service car washes.


This includes flow test relays, magnetic valves, pressure cut-offs.


Modern, active chemicals. Regular and nano-foam, wax concentrate, wheel blackening agent, water distilled by osmosis (cleaning occurs at the molecular level).

ANTI-FROST systems

To prevent water in the hoses from freezing in winter, the effect of running water is used. To do this, it has to be pumped regularly.


Self-service car wash terminals. On them you can quickly select the desired team and pay for the service using several methods. Supplemented with remote access systems for the owner to control financial receipts, the number of cars serviced, the issuance of costly materials, and other things for any selected period of time. They also provide ongoing monitoring of the situation at a turnkey car wash.

Cost of equipping a self-service car wash

For car wash equipment, the price depends on the number of units of the type of material manufactured and performance characteristics. All components of the system are developed and interconnected. They are able to withstand long-term, regular loads over a wide temperature range. They have safety and compliance certificates that are accepted in the EU. Self-service car wash is offered with the possibility of remote monitoring and management for high-quality and complete business from any country in the world.

Product prices are reduced for us because we work directly with the manufacturer. We always offer a choice for customers so that everyone gets a self-service car wash according to their interests and capabilities. The construction of a turnkey car wash from De-Wash will help you obtain a facility that is fully technically tested and ready for use.

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