Self-service car wash business plan

Self-service car wash
business plan

Developed in the process of planning a self-service car wash business plan is a strategy for functioning, developing and increasing the profitability of the business. When planning each complex, we conducts market research, according to the results of which:

certain requirements for the location and area of the site are put forward;

determining the optimum number of washing stations and choosing the most effective equipment for the complex;

advertising campaigns and promotions are developed, allowing to retain the old and constantly attract new customers;

future owners are offered the opportunity to provide additional services, significantly increasing the profitability of the business;

competitive pricing policy is formed and a detailed plan for increasing profitability and further business expansion is offered.

A detailed business plan of a self-service car wash allows you to quickly recoup your investment. At the same time maximum profitability is increased and during the business expansion the income of the complex considerably increases.

Why us?

Founded in 2007 “DeWash” company is one of the leading European brands and the recognized leader in the Ukrainian market of building turnkey carwashes.

The experience we have gained over the years, and continuous modernization of all processes, have allowed us:

constantly improve and implement new technologies

to work according to the highest quality and safety standards

to create our own call-center and customer service to provide round-the-clock information and technical support to partners

to gather a team of highly professional designers, builders and installers of equipment

to develop effective tools for remote business management and control

to create own center of training and staff development

Offering individually tailored business plan for each partner of self-service car wash, we share our years of experience in the successful operation of the complexes. Joining our friendly team you will become a market leader in your region, city or town.

The main stages before the construction of a self-service car wash complex

A detailed business plan for a self-service car wash at the initial stage of construction of the complex assumes:

Registration of the site

There are 2 variants of documents confirming the right of ownership of the land plot:

  1. Signing with the owner of a land plot of suitable characteristics after the purchase of the contract of sale.

  2. Conclusion of a land lease agreement for a certain period of time.

Writing a business plan for a self-service car wash, it is also important to take into account that it will take time and additional costs to obtain permission to build a complex on the site.


Filling out a car wash plan

During the filling phase of the car wash plan, details are thought out and entered into the plan:

  1.  Marketing plan – analysis of car owners’ needs and demand for offered services. Proceeding from the received data the following is defined: strategy of functioning, price policy, terms of profitability, strategy of development.

  2. Production plan, which includes: area of the site, technical premises, number of posts, maximum capacity of the complex (number of serviced cars for a certain period of time), etc.

  3. Organizational plan, which includes the form of ownership, number of service personnel, work schedule and other organizational issues.

  4. Financial plan – determining the costs of organizing, operating the business and potential income. Based on these data, profitability of car wash and payback period of the complex is determined.


Self-service car wash project

One of the most important stages of developing a business plan for a self-service car wash is to create a project of the complex, which should include:

  • the results of pre-project studies of the site;

  • the concept and purpose of the complex;

  • terms of reference;

  • a list of the recommended equipment;

  • a plan of the site of the complex with structures, buildings, access roads, and parking lots;

  • explanatory note with the recommended technologies and building materials.

The project is developed proceeding from the strategies of business plan of car wash self-service, taking into account the wishes of business owner and the needs of potential clients.



of building a self-service car wash for the business owner

Developing a detailed business plan for a self-service car wash and competently organizing the business, the owner of the complex gets a number of advantages:

Opportunity to constantly develop and increase income. This is a very popular service among Ukrainian car enthusiasts, so the number of clients and the income of the complex will grow every year.

Fast recoupment due to successfully chosen location, optimal quantity of posts and twenty-four-hour complex functioning.

Low cost price of the services- with the right pricing approach the profitability reaches 70-75%.

Minimal expenses for business functioning. The offered by us business plan of car wash self-service foresees possibility of maintenance of a complex by one operator.

Absence of complaints from clients. As cars are washed by the owners themselves and nobody can do it better than them.

No risk of theft of consumables and money, or staff’s unscrupulous attitude to their duties. We provide our partners with effective tools for remote control and business management.

Opportunity to increase your income by providing a set of additional services

An important factor of profitability and success of business is to provide the maximum range of profitable services. Developing for each partner of the company an individual business plan of opening a self-service car wash, we provide an opportunity of building and installation:


DeWashCafé, where car owners can have a snack, rest, a cup of coffee or buy necessary products and drinks.


Powerful vacuum cleaners for fast and quality car interior cleaning.


Equipment for blackening wheels – giving tires an attractive appearance and protecting tires from negative effects of external factors.


RoboWash robotic touchless car washes with possibility of individual configuration for automatic performance of certain functions.


Equipment for washing cars with DeNano pink foam – effectively removes dirt and protects car bodies.

All these are services that are in great demand among customers, which significantly increase the profitability of complexes.

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