Indoor self-service car washes

Indoor self-service
car washes

No matter how carefully you take care of your car, you want to wash it as comfortably as possible. In places with strong and frequent winds open self-service car washes cause discomfort, because drivers get water and blown foam on them.

Covered self-service carwashes appeared in Ukraine only 4 years ago. De-Wash was the first who built them. We try to be one step ahead of our competitors, so we introduce many innovative solutions before others. It depends on how successful will be each new business “self-service car wash”, ordered by our investors. We work individually with each customer, so you will not find the same projects from De-Wash.

Construction of VIP turn-key
self-service car wash

Such objects are in demand in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Wind, precipitation, hot sun do not hinder driver to wash the car. In any season he is protected from climatic peculiarities.
  • Particles of foam and water fall down, rather than splashing on the clothes of the motorist. Self-service car wash stations are wider than conventional ones, so it’s easier to move around inside.
  • The cubicle has warm air, nothing drips on your head, and there’s no piercing, damp wind.
  • In winter, self-service carwash rooms are dry and warm due to concealed heating.
  • An automatic notification system notifies you when the space is vacant, the next car can move in.
  • Order self-service sinks with through passage and dead-end

In the first case, you can make less wide access roads, as the washed car moves forward and leaves the car wash.The second vehicle enters the post where the self-service car wash equipment is already vacated. In a dead-end solution, the vehicle exits in reverse, so you must initially make wide paths. It is important that moving and waiting vehicles do not collide.


The competitiveness of a turnkey indoor self-service car wash

Such a structure performs especially well if there are competitors with less promising offerings nearby. The investment in building a self-service car wash will be higher, but so will the number of customers immediately.

Business “self-service car wash” operates year round. The equipment is chosen so that it does not overheat in the heat and does not fail in the cold.

If the investor wants, the specialists of the company De-Wash will make a combined option, in which contactless self-service washing will be equipped with closed boxes and conventional posts.

The flow of cars is controlled automatically, so you do not need a person who will rush the driver holding up the line in the box.

The motorist leaves the car wash clean and dry, so it is possible to come to the self-service car wash in a suit and model shoes.

We create different proposals.  We always choose the model that suits the client and it is technically possible to implement.

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