De-Wash app for self-service washes

Today, the mobile gadget is an indispensable assistant for many people in their daily routine. We are also keeping up with the times and making it easier for our customers to use our self-service car wash and equipment.

The mobile app from De-Wash means no extra card that can fall out, get lost, or break.

The program in your phone provides hassle-free access throughout the day, designed for iPhones and smartphones. We’ve thought through how to make the self-service car wash app as convenient as possible so it’s easy    for everyone to understand.

What are the benefits of using it?

  • Registration is done after you enter your phone number and receive a confirmation text message.
  • All the family (company) cars are attached to one account. To make it convenient to analyze the costs for each vehicle in the future it is necessary to enter the brand of each car.
  • The service will help to find the nearest self-service car wash with modern equipment.
  • A valid user can log in without a password.

What the client gets

Comfortable use of the application, which saves personal time.

Participation in special offers.

Waxing and further use of bonuses for washing the car.

It’s enough to scan the code – and you get into your account right away.

Similarly, you can pay for the selected options through the barcode of the terminal at the self-service car wash.

View the information on De-Wash usage during the selected period of time.

What the wash owner gets

  • A business which gives out all the statistics on the use of terminals and material consumption.
  • The ability to plan further activities to increase profits, taking into account the actual data on each washer

Now you can install this application on your self-service carwash and equipment from our company. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back to the previous options for choosing services and payment.

DE-WASH mobile application

  Quick authorization
  Client base management
  QR code scanning
  Automatic detection of washing and fasting
  Support for all issued cards in Ukraine
  Washing program selection
  Information about the cost of options
  Dynamic pause
  Ability to store money and bonuses
  Making family cars
  Using one bonus account
  Recommendations for the washing process

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