How to open a self-service car wash in Europe?

A simple truth: a customer comes back again when they are most satisfied with the quality of the product or service. Even if the price is slightly higher than the competition, a smart person prefers to choose what will bring him more benefit.

Disappointing Reality

It’s a pity when significant efforts and funds are invested, and your brainchild does not give the desired result. The actual profitability of a self-service car wash differs from the calculated data. Let’s figure out what’s wrong. Why does everything work out smoothly on paper, but the reality is depressing? What prevents you from getting a stable and growing income? How to open a car wash in Europe and quickly reach a decent level?

An assessment of the situation in the Baltic countries, Moldova, Germany, Poland gave an understanding of the problems that have arisen. We noted shortcomings and want to prove that self-service car washes in the European Union do not reach the required level.

What it means to create a great service

Self-service car wash is not just posts with hoses. Need to think:

  • Where to line up the desired object;

  • How many places for simultaneous car wash to create;

  • How to make check-in and check-out convenient;

  • Which company to cooperate with in order to provide the car owner with a thorough and gentle cleaning of the car body;

  • What should be the pricing format of each option?

Self-service car wash in the European Union

We recommend ordering a design only from those who have been engaged in this direction for a long time. De-Wash company checks all technical developments practically before implementing them into the offered service packages.

  1. If you want to buy a self-service car wash from another owner, why is he selling it? A well-established business is never said goodbye. In Western countries, people are used to cleanliness, so cars are kept in order. “The dog is buried” in an improperly built structure, poor consumables, or certain technical issues. Watch for an hour or two, approximately how many cars pass by this time, how many of them turn into a car wash.

  2. Summer self-service car washes are not suitable for European winters. Water in tanks, being in a calm state, freezes. It is important to provide an anti-frost fluid supply system and create heated concrete floors.

  3. Self-service car washes in the European Union are often underdeveloped.

  • If you look at the design of the post itself, then the intermediate division of the booths is not done down. In the end, the neighbor behind the wall accidentally douses another person, getting the contents of the hose on his shoes and clothes.

  • Incorrect foam and water spray angles cause some of them to hit the client. The flow of water does not thoroughly knock down dirt from the body and wheels, and the foam is sprayed, as they say, selectively. In fact, the washed car is not completely clean, the driver leaves the service area with irritation. It is unlikely that the owner thought about how to open a car wash in Europe so that it would be as comfortable as possible for customers. He invested money, did not control the construction process and received an unprofitable object.

  • When savings are spent on detergents, you can immediately say goodbye to some drivers. Diluted foam flows down, not having time to process a dirty surface. This means that the final stream of water will wash away only the dirt that has lagged behind in some places. The rest are transformed into a cloudy film. You will have to ride with it until the next visit to the sink. During this time, new dirt will stick – and everything will repeat in a circle. And there are fewer regular customers. Do you want to know how to open a car wash in Europe, where a constant queue will line up? Read on, the solution is close.

  • Brushes on handles, designed to scrub away dirt, are not at all effective. Adhering particles that have to be removed with pressure along the way scratch the car. We stopped by the car wash 15-20 times – and it’s time to think about updating the paintwork.

  • Osmosis is missing on some of the sinks. This means that the cleaned hood, after drying, will be covered with drip contours. Clean but not attractive. Especially when the car is executive class.

Self-service car wash in the European Union: order production

De-Wash is ready to answer 3 questions of concern to customers without hesitation:

  • whether it is profitable to build a sink in the chosen place;

  • how much the project will cost;

  • how long will the object payback.

    The first question requires a case study. Investment in construction starts from 5000 euros. If you need a self-service car wash in the European Union, which you plan to order in an insulated version, the cost will be higher. After 2-3 years, you will receive a “net” profit.

    We build expertly and reliably

All proposed design schemes have been repeatedly tested in practice and calculated from the standpoint of investments.

We create conditions for high-quality car cleaning

Using certified consumables speeds up the car wash process. For example, pink foam perfectly adsorbs dirt on a dry surface, so the initial watering of the car with water is not needed.

We provide real body cleanliness and external aesthetics of the car

Wax gives a thin protection, while osmosis makes the surface slippery so that water flows down on its own without leaving marks.

Client is in a good mood

Dry feet, pants plus some exercise. The driver is satisfied with the quality of the wash, and he leaves in a good mood on his own business. Next time I will come here, because the car wash is open around the clock. Will tell other friends.

How to open a car wash in Europe that “does not ask for days off, does not hack, does not need vacation and sick leave”

Business, which is initially conceived and implemented with high quality, creates not only profit, but also respect for the owner. Construction with legal support and author’s control is waiting for you, a constructive scheme has been worked out, an individual design, further support after opening a business.

Call, the prospects are very bright! Low investment, fast payback, significant differences from competitors. There is no need to think for a long time, we must already begin to act! Waiting for a call

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