How much does it cost
to open a car wash in Ukraine

It is profitable to build and open your business in Ukraine. We offer with our company De-wash a company that has been opening self-service car washes for customers for 10 years. Successfully invest money once, get income and open another object. We advise you to read “What income does a car wash bring”

The cost of opening a self-service car wash

It is important to understand that the opening of a car wash begins with the selection of a site where you plan to build a car wash complex, the price of a washing complex directly depends on the location.
In the latter case, they do everything to make the investment for the purchase work as profitable as possible.
We will come to your site and conduct a complete analysis of the area and competitors.

Factors that affect how much a self-service car wash will cost.

Plot for construction – work is fast, we build in 2 months

  1. On the land plot there are communications for the operation of a car wash complex
  2. Sufficient land area
  3. No competitors nearby
  4. Car traffic and nearby residential areas

We will find a solution for all options and questions. So in a non-standard case, we will take non-standard solutions. When our employees analyze the benefits of investing in a car wash, the payback period. Get a business plan

Materials for the construction of a self-service car wash – you will receive an estimate for the construction and make your own decision, will you go and buy or entrust the purchase to the company’s engineer. The price will be determined by the costs in the estimate, how much to pay for the work we indicate in the contract.

  1. Open estimate with detailed description of materials
  2. You are the owner of a building materials store, you can save
  3. Construction plan detailed

Construction team – money, you can pay your workers, we can only consult and control. Thus, you can save on construction. How? This is an individual question.

We can calculate for you how much this service will cost

Individual approach
for each construction site

Write to us at Viber ►

Write to us at Viber

How does the equipment you choose affect the price of washing?

The quantity and type of equipment will all depend on how many customers will come to your car wash, and we will calculate this and write everything down in the business plan.
Self-service car wash price build turnkey

– from 5000 euros it is a sink of one box of an open format. The post can take up to 100 cars per day.

– from 10000 there is a washing post of an indoor format. Boxes of the covered sink itself are popular with customers in the cold season.

– Robowash 20000 is a non-contact car wash, which customers also like in the contract. Find out below what the cost of the complex for washing cars on your own is made up of

Prices valid for September 2022

Equipment for 7 programsfrom €4000
Water treatment systemfrom €800
Reverse osmosis 1200lfrom €1200
Water supply systemfrom €1000
Collection pointfrom €1000
Compressorfrom €500
Vacuum cleaner for washingfrom €2500
Self-service car washfrom €200
Racks for car matsfrom €100
Canopy for vacuum cleanerfrom €1000
Canopy + open + closedfrom €3500
Mat holder for two postsfrom €50
Heating 50 sq.from €5000
Building cladding friezefrom €2000
Construction of two postsfrom €3000
Wash projectfrom €500

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