Self-service car wash - turnkey construction price

A modern turnkey self-service car wash De-wash will be the best tool for successful business for entrepreneurs who have a desire to successfully develop in this area of ​​​​commercial activity.

The cost of a turnkey self-service car wash depends on the scope of such stages of work as the purchase of special equipment, installation and construction activities.

open format sink

Sink design is individual

  1. Wash post from 4000 euros
  2. Equipment from 5000 euros
  3. Business plan for free
  4. Site analysis / travel expenses paid

covered insulated

Additional car wash business

  1. Wash post from 6000 euros
  2. Equipment from 5000 euros
  3. Business plan without payment
  4. Site analysis / site visit costs paid


Setup and installation

  1. Wash post from 7000 euros
  2. Equipment from 17,000 euros
  3. Business plan without payment
  4. Site analysis / site visit costs paid

Business package price

Depending on your financial capabilities, the estimated number of potential customers, the location of the CO washing post, you can order from 2 packages offered by our company:

  • there is a compact kit with the bare minimum to get the job done. If desired, accessories such as washbasins and vacuum cleaners are added to the kit.
  • The price of the Vip self-service car wash of the premium class is higher due to a more extensive list of services and the power of technical equipment. Professional equipment quickly pays off the investment due to the economical consumption of the main resources – water and electricity.

For a complete list of configuration options and prices, our customers can see the De-wash price list.

How is the final price for the construction of a turnkey car wash formed?

In each case, company managers agree on a complete list of upcoming work. An integrated approach includes several stages from the start of the project to its commissioning:

  • careful monitoring of the services market and selection of a site that best meets the criteria for the profitability of a business project, customer traffic and payback parameters:</ li>
  • how much does it cost to build a turnkey self-service car wash – the final calculation is largely determined by the quantity and quality of the purchased equipment;</span >
  • Agreement with the customer of the final version of the technical documentation and the stage of direct construction work.

A profitable ordering option is to purchase a full-fledged version of our company’s franchise. In this case, the organizational aspects of conducting your business activities are greatly simplified. MCO construction cost will include 100% technical and informational support, a detailed marketing plan will be provided to make the right decisions at each stage of the business process.

Additional features

The cost of a self-service car wash on a turnkey basisin many cases, it differs significantly due to different amounts of landscaping work. The final price is affected by the need to perform the following operations:
  • Arrangement of parking lots with driveways;
  • landscaping the area adjacent to the object;
  • Paving stones at the site of the complex;
  • transporting construction waste to disposal sites.
We will discuss all the factors with you and choose the most suitable option for the customer in terms of pricing. The final price of a self-service car wash is also formed taking into account the need to build additional buildings. The profitability of the complex will improve significantly when service facilities are placed on its territory:
  • cafe for a small number of seats, allowing you to have a cup of coffee or a snack in a comfortable environment;< /li>
  • shop for essential goods;
  • burger to stock sandwiches for the road.

It would be appropriate to install vending machines for hot drinks and water spills.

Pay attention! At the initial stage, it will be necessary to collect all permits in accordance with current legislation. Competent managers of the company De-wash will help you in this matter qualified advice and free consultations. Contact us at any time convenient for you by contact phone numbers or use the feedback option on our website!
Do you want to know how much it costs to build a self-service car washto start a business? We will develop a detailed plan and will be able to offer the most favorable conditions for the implementation of such a project.

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