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Self-service car washes are valued by customers for their convenience and time-saving benefits. Clients can choose the necessary options, control the entire washing process from start to finish, and get results that meet their expectations.

Business for many years

A business that adapts to drivers’ needs has numerous positive aspects. There is no need to maintain a large staff since customers take care of their cars themselves. Profitability depends on the technical organization of the “turnkey” car wash and the marketing strategy. Initially, it may seem straightforward to launch such an operation, but success requires proper planning and execution.

In reality, making a self-service car wash successful for a newcomer is quite challenging. There are numerous cases in countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and throughout Europe where car washes operate at a loss and end up being sold. An expert will reveal the peculiarities of this business, calculate its profitability, recommend suitable equipment, and devise a marketing strategy. By avoiding major mistakes and disappointments and implementing the right approach, one can outperform competitors and achieve stable, growing income.

I, Dmytro Cybulev, possess extensive practical experience in constructing self-service car washes in countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and across Europe. Over 150 such facilities in our country and several in Western Europe confirm that I am genuinely knowledgeable in this field at an international level. I also own self-service car washes and successfully develop my own business. I host channels on YouTube and have groups on Instagram and Facebook where I share investors’ reviews and offer valuable recommendations free of charge.

Launching a "turnkey"

Launching a “turnkey” car wash I thoroughly study cities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and other European regions. This enables me to approximately estimate the number of car washes in a specific city and identify competitors’ mistakes. Every time my company receives orders to construct a self-service car wash, I return to that city, conduct market research, and evaluate potential locations for the car wash. This allows investors to start correctly and adapt the facility to real conditions.

I offer a developed, unique approach to equipment. We order self-service car wash equipment from De-Wash in Italy, and our specialists assemble the system on-site. We provide innovative chemicals for quick dirt removal that do not damage the car’s body. We use reverse osmosis to eliminate dried water spots from the vehicle’s surface. Every driver is satisfied with the washing quality.

Running the business should be easy and enjoyable. To achieve this, we have developed a self-service car wash terminal capable of accumulating, sorting, and transmitting information remotely. The owner doesn’t need to visit the car wash to see real-time and historical results. The terminal is a smart robot trained to perform numerous commands. Being in any civilized country, an investor can actively manage the development of their business.

Preparing for work

You won’t be able to hire a construction team until you obtain an official permit. The document registration process will take time, as the list is extensive.

Technical and economic justification of the construction.

Approval from technical services.

Investment council opinion.

In case of purchasing a ready-made self-service car wash, registration of ownership rights.

Documents confirming the payment of the membership fee and membership quota.

Copy of the parcel at a scale of 1:500.

The right to own the land (originals and copies).

Creating working documentation based on the zonal urban plan.

Declaration specifying the start and end dates of the works.

Checking parcel boundaries and coordinating them with adjacent objects.

The future vehicle movement scheme considering traffic organization project.

Budget with a detailed description of the works performed.

Conducting geodetic work with delimitation.

My company has experts who know the order and process of preparing these documents, enabling us to successfully shorten the overall preparation time.

Building a "turnkey" car wash

 And here, things are not as smooth as we would like them to be. The main stages include

  • zoning
  • preparing the foundation
  • laying underground communications
  • constructing the above-ground part of the car wash
  • insulation (for VIP versions),
  • installing self-service car wash equipment for each zone
  • creating additional segments to provide additional services (café, interior cleaning, wheel blackening, tire inflation, installation of machines with clean water).

It is essential not to hire multiple subcontractors but entrust all these tasks to one company. De-Wash, with nearly 160 open self-service car washes to its name, fully deserves the trust of its clients. Testimonials from satisfied investors can be read on our website and seen on our YouTube channel (I can provide the links upon your request).

Evaluating the quality of the work helps with the trial launch of the car wash. I am always present during this process to ensure that the work is done to an excellent standard. At this stage, we check the quality of car washing, evaluate and adjust the work of pumps, engines, and nozzles.
Additionally, investors receive a detailed marketing plan for the whole year. There is no need to think about how to operate the self-service car wash, where to get consumables, or what to do in case of equipment maintenance. Our company takes care of all these tasks.

Are you ready to become
a De-Wash partner?

Assess the scope of work we take on when we collaborate. Otherwise, you will have to find many subcontractors, coordinate their work, work day and night on the construction site. And if something goes wrong, you will have to spend a long time investigating and looking for the responsible parties.

My offer is valid for residents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and all European countries. I believe you will agree that experience and expertise in constructing self-service car washes in these countries are invaluable for achieving success and developing your car wash business. You will receive the best car wash in your region.
If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about our services, please contact me using the contact information provided on our website. I look forward to cooperating with you and assisting in the development of your self-service car wash business. Thank you for your attention and trust!

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