Self-service car wash franchise «De-Wash»

One of the leaders of the domestic market in the supply of modern equipment for the construction and operation of self-service car washes is the De-Wash company, which enjoys a reputation as a reliable partner.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to work free of charge under our franchise on one condition – the conclusion of an agreement for the purchase of company equipment. At the same time, for successful business development, customers can order a car wash project and the construction of a turnkey facility.

By obtaining the right to conduct commercial activities under our franchise, the owner of the car wash will be able to experience all the advantages of such a solution – De-Wash deals with the selection of a site or leasing it, creating a project and technical documentation, all the hassle of building and arranging an object with high-tech equipment.
The customer can focus his efforts only on the effective development of the business, increasing the number of services provided and increasing the profitability of the enterprise.

Ordering a self-service car wash franchise is the best choice for a quick start of a commercial project with minimal risks

Such a cooperation option implies the following priorities for those who want to use the free franchise:

  • conducting commercial activities as an official representative of a brand popular in Ukraine. There is no fee for the right to use a well-known trademark;
  • there is no need to incur the financial and time costs of finding suppliers with a good reputation. All equipment and auto chemicals are provided by the company;
  • at the stage of construction of a self-service car wash and after commissioning, constant communication is maintained with competent De-Wash managers, in the process of communication and consultations, the owner receives comprehensive information support;
  • using a franchise implies access to all types of advertising services – colorful booklets, design layouts, posters, signs with a brand logo.

All of the above tasks and many other problems are solved quickly and simply if you conclude a cooperation agreement under our brand. This is the only way to quickly build a business from scratch and quickly achieve excellent financial performance.

Self-service car wash franchise is a guarantee of the favorable cost of modern equipment and auto chemicals

The company’s product catalog contains a unique range of technical equipment for the automation of such facilities, models of equipment for working under high pressure, auto chemical goods from European and world leaders in the sales market.

Depending on the planned volume of investments and the location of the future complex, inexpensive self-service car washes of a budget type and premium class equipment are offered to the client.

Work with the logo of a popular brand

The terms of the franchise agreement make our clients the full owners of a high-profit type of commercial activity due to the previously done advertising of the business. Such an approach is very beneficial due to working with a well-designed development plan and absolutely free use of a well-known brand on the Ukrainian market for business purposes.

Dry statistics serve as a weighty argument in favor of cooperation with De-Wash – more than 10 years of work in its segment of the service market, 100 commissioned facilities and almost 30 complexes under construction.

For those wishing to purchase a free franchise to create a self-service car wash in Europe, we have opened a representative office in the Polish city of Krakow.

Modern technologies and automation of business activities

Brand monetization is not our direction. After the procedure for signing a contract for the supply of equipment, the investor can use the franchise for free, receiving all the benefits from this type of cooperation.

Qualified specialists will perform a set of activities for the development, installation, testing, connection to engineering communications and commissioning of all technical equipment, including innovative water treatment systems.

Thanks to the competent implementation of all measures, the customer will be able to obtain equipment with a long period of trouble-free use and high efficiency of the main production indicators.

The construction of a self-service car wash takes place in order to achieve maximum automation of your business. The following services apply for this:

  • depending on the specifics of a particular object, “De-Wash” assists in the purchase or selection of a lease option for a site, creates from scratch or restores an existing building;
  • based on significant experience in this area, a detailed business plan is drawn up and agreed with the client;
  • training your staff and providing professional advice in the future;
  • using a franchise is a stable support in terms of continuous improvement of the working scheme, taking into account the future development of the business.

Additional factors noted in their reviews by many of the company’s customers are the minimization of financial costs, an effective process for improving the quality of services. An important point is to eliminate the risk of situations with fines imposed for causing harm to the environment.

Payback periods

Operating a franchise self-service car wash solves the problem of commercial activity based on a business plan provided free of charge, which includes:

  • degree of demand for this service among vehicle owners;
  • object throughput characteristics;
  • how much time it takes to service a car and the cost, which is on average one and a half to two times lower than that of ordinary car washes;
  • no need to pay salaries to additional staff.

The calculations provided clearly indicate the development strategy of the object for a quick exit to net profit after compensation of invested funds.

Service and information services

Self-service car wash franchise of our company is a mandatory presence in the official contract of a clause on a complex of service support and maintenance of commissioned facilities:

  • preventive maintenance and testing of equipment for the timely detection of leaks and defects, qualified repairs;
  • maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of all components, assemblies and systems, adherence to cleaning schedules and installation of new filters;
  • monitoring the nominal level and quality of lubricants in pumps;
  • checking boilers for accumulated scale and dirt particles, followed by thorough cleaning;
  • preparation of units and assemblies for seasonal standards of summer and winter periods.

Self-service car wash franchise agreement guarantees competent advice and information on all issues 24/7.

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