How much does it cost to build
a self-service car wash

The price of a “turnkey” car wash depends on its size, i.e., the number of stations. Each station is an independent unit, so the larger the self-service area, the more expensive the project will be. However, there is a positive side: more cars can be cleaned simultaneously, which increases revenue, reducing the payback period for a self-service car wash.

How much does it cost to build
a self-service car wash

How much does a "turnkey"
car wash cost at De-Wash?

There are 2, 4, 6, and 8 stations available, and there are 5 types of single station structures, which vary in price.

Starting from 5000€

  • The components include a steel control panel, tank, high-pressure pump, pantograph, tube, hose with a pistol, and a valve. The features include water pressure washing, foam application, wax coating, and a pause function.

Standard+ from 7000 €

  • The components include a steel control panel, 2 high-pressure pumps, 2 tubes, 4 clips, pantograph, 3 tanks for cleaning agents, 1 water tank, hose with a pistol with 2 fixtures, cash and card payment option, box heating, light sensor. The features include the use of pressure-treated purified water, foam and wax coating, and a pause function.

VIP from 12 000 €

  • The components include a steel control panel, 2 high-pressure pumps with bypass protection, 2 tubes, pantograph, foam injector protection, hose with a pistol with 2 fixtures, self-service car wash box with heating and door opening control, lighting sensors, staff recognition, tracking and control, GPSM access, payment by cash, card, and PayPass system. The features include pressure-treated purified water, innovative pink foam, waxing, wheel blackening, pause, service mode, and the administrator call button.

Standard from 5500€

  • The simplified standard type of self-service car wash with 1 box. The components include a steel control panel, high-pressure pump and valve, pantograph, tank, hose with a pistol (2 fixtures), injector protection for foam delivery, 2 tubes, 4 clips, a bill acceptor. The features include foam and wax coating and a pause function.

Premium from 9 000 €

  • The components include a steel control panel, “Antifrost” system, 2 high-pressure pumps, tank, pantograph, 2 tubes, 4 clips, hose with a pistol with 2 fixtures, box heating, light and door opening sensors, staff recognition, tracking, and control, remote GPSM access, cash and card payment options. The features include water purification, heating, pressure delivery, foam and wax coating, service mode, and pause function.

By looking at the options and configurations, investors can determine which specific option they want and order the number of bays for their turnkey self-service car wash. Then, they can specify the specific parameters to estimate the total cost of their self-service car wash.

De-Wash's online calculator

It will show the amount required to pay for the self-service car wash equipment. The investor chooses:

  • Type of equipment;
  • Composition of basic services (types, power, and quantity of everything needed, such as remotes, pumps, osmosis, filters, underground and aboveground communication systems, engines, various sensors, protection elements and systems, hoses, guns, tanks, etc.);
  • Additional services;
  • Costs for construction and installation of the self-service car wash equipment.

However, the self-service car wash station must be located somewhere, on a specific site. Therefore, the cost of the land for building the self-service car wash station, the cost of obtaining permits, the cost of developing and compiling a business plan, the cost of creating access roads and arranging the territory should be added to the estimate.

A self-service car wash without additional services loses some profit. You can open a mini-store (similar to those found at gas stations). But if you want to add comfort and keep customers longer, it’s better to build a cafe with a home-style kitchen, calming music, and comfortable tables and chairs. Some people will only order a drink, while most will come to eat or buy something to eat on the go. Nowadays, there are many fans of healthy eating, so installing a purified water dispenser will also give your car wash an advantage over competitors. In addition to exterior car cleaning, add an area with vacuums, equipment for blackening wheels, and tire inflation.

Even if you make some options free, you will not be at a loss. After all, a person, for example, will come to inflate their tires for free, and then decide to go to the store or wash their car without leaving the site.

Self-service car wash:
Cost of improvement

Vehicles traveling on the road need to approach the car wash. Creating access roads with paving stones, partial improvement of the territory with greenery, and the need for waste removal should not be forgotten because such points are also included in the estimate for a self-service car wash.

As you can see, many factors need to be taken into account to determine the final price of a car wash. It will differ for each investor. That is why we offer an individual approach in creating a highly profitable, reliable, competitive self-service car wash business.

Choose what suits you best: an open budget self-service car wash or a VIP construction with heat-insulated walls and floor, 4 or 6 posts. De-Wash respects the decision of each investor and will build a turnkey self-service car wash station on the most favorable terms.

Call De-Wash. Taking into account your financial capability and intentions, we will create a project, estimate, business plan, and provide the final cost of the self-service car wash.

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