New self-service car wash in Lviv,
"VIP Format," by De-Wash company.


Greetings to Lviv residents and inhabitants of the region! I, Dmitry Tsybulyov, the owner of the company De-Wash and two YouTube channels, propose that investors consider the option of a risk-free and fairly profitable business today – owning a self-service car wash.

Why my car wash construction services in Ukraine are considered in demand

I am a recognized professional in this field. Over the past 10+ years, I have managed to build over 100 car washes in Ukraine and 2 similar ones in Europe for those interested. I am also the owner of 4 similar facilities and I know all the intricacies of building a turnkey self-service car wash.

If you reside in Lviv, its surroundings, or the region, I am ready to personally analyze the current situation to provide an expert opinion regarding your city and the potential to earn in this field. My knowledge allows me to find the “weak spots” of competitors and create the best self-service car wash in Lviv, Sambir, Stryi, Chervonohrad, Zhovkva, and other cities in Zakarpattia.

Self-service car wash is a long-term business. As long as there are automobiles, you will continue to grow and regularly receive high profits. What do you say about a 40% income in such a challenging military time? This is all real and proven by other investors, whose video testimonials you can watch on my website (here it is desirable to provide a link to the website with reviews or one of them).

Why personally purchased used self-service car wash can be a loss-making option

Imagine that a person is selling their car wash. Let’s say they urgently need to leave for a long time, and there is no one to manage the self-service car wash business. Such situations rarely occur, and it is the most positive scenario for you if you acquire a profitable facility. But how does an uninformed buyer find out that everything is exactly as described? 

Usually, people try to sell what didn’t meet their financial expectations. Perhaps they didn’t run their business properly, bought self-service car wash equipment that frequently malfunctions, or failed to capitalize on certain advantages. And now you intend to purchase such a self-service car wash – what happens next? In 99% of cases, you will repeat the previous owner’s results. And then you will also be thinking about whom to sell the unprofitable facility to.

Everything needs to be done properly. If your obsession is to acquire a ready-made structure, then you need to know how to retrofit it and where to find high-quality, factory-guaranteed equipment for the car wash. There are many counterfeits out there, despite the “loud” labels and assurances from sellers. Even in our company, De-Wash, we have had people come to us who were deceived and ended up with counterfeit equipment installed at their self-service car wash.

Touchless self-service car wash is the winner

Back in the early 2000s, I visited several countries in Europe and realized that the future lies in building a car wash where drivers themselves will carefully clean their cars. Today’s results confirm my correctness. For men, washing their “steel horse” is a certain ritual that is done meticulously and without haste. It’s no wonder that women sometimes even get jealous when their spouses spend a lot of time with their cars (cleaning, repairing, testing something, looking for various car accessories for sale).

Touchless car wash has long surpassed the classic one in popularity. Drivers benefit from its price and quality, and they don’t have to worry about the brushes adding new scratches to their vehicles. Even for the tunnel type, a promising alternative called Robowash has been developed. I believe you agree with these statements, so let’s move forward.

What does De-Wash company offer?

I am conducting my own research

  • I conduct my own research regarding the number of car washes in a specific city, the list and quality of services provided. I evaluate positive aspects and identify shortcomings that can be utilized.

I am studying the potential of possible locations

  • I study the potential of possible locations for the construction of self-service car washes. If a specific area is chosen, I provide an expert opinion on its suitability. In some cases, I consider the option of acquiring an existing self-service car wash with subsequent technical upgrade.

I am creating a business plan and cost estimate

  • I develop a business plan and cost estimate, which, after studying them, clarifies the amount of funds to be invested in the initial stage, what will be needed after the car wash is launched, and how to successfully develop the self-service car wash business, outperforming competitors.


  • Designing is carried out after you determine the desired type of the finished facility. Your financial capabilities play a role here. The price of a self-service car wash depends on the chosen type: open or covered, the number of bays, with or without insulation. The degree of ownership of the facility is also taken into account (100% ownership or partnership conditions).

Documentation is being prepared.

  • In parallel with this stage, the necessary permits are obtained. In my company, there are employees who expedite this process legally and without violating the law, reducing the time required by half. After all, starting a self-service car wash business without obtaining permits, which sometimes take up to six months to obtain, is prohibited.

Then comes the construction of the car wash

  • Then comes the construction of the car wash. Cutting corners is unacceptable, so I personally oversee the construction process. After successful completion, the car wash equipment is launched. I am always present at this moment to personally supervise the final process. For those who choose to upgrade an existing facility, we install proven Italian equipment that has been used in many car washes.

The assistance continues

In the future, we maintain communication with our investors and provide free consultations. We offer servicing for ongoing maintenance and repairs, and supply imported chemicals capable of removing even the toughest stains without any mechanical effort.
We provide the ability for remote monitoring by installing our specially designed control terminals at each station.

Our unique approach, utilization of accumulated experience, implementation of energy-efficient technologies for open and heated VIP self-service car washes, as well as personal life hacks that increase profitability without compromising the quality of car washing – all of this awaits you if you decide to order a car wash from De-Wash. You’ll agree that my quite comprehensive offer looks very appealing!

If you wish to become the owner of a self-service car wash within 3-4 months after choosing a location and recoup your investments in 2.5-3 years, while starting to generate “clean” profits, we are ready to begin a collaborative partnership. You can see our self-service car washes in Lviv, Ternopil, Cherkasy, and many other cities.

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