Self-service car wash:
a profitable business today.

Poles are increasingly interested in keeping their cars clean. But the popularity of standard car washes has declined and touchless car washes are gaining ground gaining popularity and becoming a good way of doing business.

How to open your own self-service car wash?

Many entrepreneurs wonder if it is worth opening their own car wash. A modern car wash can be an attractive investment opportunity that will pay for itself within a few years. However, like any business, a car wash requires certain investments and effort.

One of the main advantages of car washes is that not many employees are required to provide the service. Modern car washes are usually operated by only a few people. In addition, the car wash can be organized in such a way as to operate around the clock, which allows you to earn income even at night.

Step by step: how to open and run a self-service car wash?

Before we describe the stages of opening a touchless car wash, we want to point out that you can
contact your De-wash representative and we will provide you with an individual one
consultation at every stage and we will answer all your questions.


The step in opening a touchless car wash is of course determination of funding. The investor must also take care of finding a well-located plot of land with a suitable one size with access to roads and communication.


A step in the implementation of your business idea is to submit an application for development conditions at the Commune Office.


The next step is the architectural design and finding a contractor for the investment. After building the car wash, you need to calibrate the devices and install the buildings.


The next step is to hire the right staff and conduct training. We advise on staff recruitment and conduct training

Touchless car wash - construction cost.

De-wash provides state-of-the-art touchless car washes
self-service for many years, offering the lowest prices. Touchless car wash in
lowest price from 6000 euros.

The cost of opening a car wash depends on many factors, such as:

Object size

For example, the cost of a touchless car wash with three stations will be higher than the cost of a touchless car wash with two stations. A very important element that should be included in the budget is also the cost of purchasing or renting an investment site. If you already own a plot of land, this aspect does not apply to you.

Also, do not forget about the costs of moving communication and the access road. If they are not there, it is another expense for investing in a car wash. Finally, consider your possible budget for marketing and advertising.

Thinking about opening a self-service car wash?
Here are some tips to help you get started.

Before starting the construction of a car wash, it is necessary to select a plot for it
location. A plot located close to roads and with convenient access is best suited for this. The optimal solution will be a place with high car traffic, for example, near highways or large shopping centers. Availability of infrastructure such as access to water, sanitation and electricity should also be taken into account. For a touchless car wash, a direct connection to the water, sewage and energy networks is required, as well as access to gas or other heating tools.

Although the quality of the washing equipment is important for car owners, special attention should be paid to the location. Touchless car washes are effective if placed near gas stations, apartment complexes and shopping malls.

It is also important to remember that during the investment process, you need to obtain permits, develop a marketing approach and ensure that the location is clearly visible.

If you decide to invest in a touchless car wash, remember that one of the key aspects is the right choice of place.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a plot?

1. The area of the plot should be sufficient for the free maneuvering of vehicles.

2. Land use plan – before building a car wash make sure it is allowed in the area. If a zoning plan does not exist, an application for a permit is required.

3. Access to media – for touchless car washes, connection to electricity, water supply and sewage is required.

4. Favorable location – a car wash located near a motorway, expressway or gas station is an advertisement in itself.

5. Legal conditions – depending on the situation, you can use your plot or look for a plot to buy. Renting is also a good option, but pay attention to the terms of the contract, which should be concluded for at least 10 years

Documents required to open a contactless car wash car:

To organize a contactless car wash, it is important to obtain a building permit. If the local development plan does not prohibit the construction of a car wash, you can proceed to the selection of the technology on the basis of which it will be implemented. To obtain a permit, a zoning decision or an excerpt and drawing from the development plan is required.

Among the documents required to obtain a permit is a general design sheet. A map of the plot can be obtained from the geodetic department of the municipal office. The documentation also requires the design of a non-contact car wash.

De-wash offers a technical design that can be presented to officials for a building permit. The time needed to obtain a permit is usually around three months.

The next stage of the investment is the construction of a touchless car wash. To begin with, you need to prepare the site and collect the necessary building materials. Then it is necessary to connect the necessary utilities, such as water, gas and electricity. The last stage is the installation of a touchless car wash, but before it is launched, it is necessary to pass the required checks and inspections by sanitary, construction and fire brigade inspections.

When investing in a touchless car wash, it is important to avoid cooperation with unreliable business partners or attempts to build a car wash by people without experience in this industry.

If you have the appropriate means, you can contact a representative of De-wash, and we will help you build your washing stations and provide professional technical and service support both before and after launching the car wash.

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