How to properly use the self-service car wash services of De-Wash:

How to properly use
the self-service car wash services of De-Wash:

Self-service car washes are designed for drivers to quickly understand their functionality and wash their own cars. There are different options available, so customers can choose the ones they currently need and that are suitable in terms of cost.

First, payment for the services is made in cash, tokens, De-Wash customer cards, or through non-cash payment via the PayPass system. For those who visit the self-service car wash repeatedly, it is possible to pay with accumulated bonus points. Once the payment has been credited to the customer’s account, they can proceed with the process of cleaning the car’s body.

Car Washing Algorithm

The car washing process follows a specific sequence.

A liquid cleaner, capable of removing large dirt particles,
is applied to the car’s body.

Next, a self-service car wash nano-foam is used, which can soften and remove dried residues in a matter of seconds. It effectively deals with various types of buildup, such as road dust, asphalt droplets, motor oil, bird droppings, and stuck insects.

The spent foam is rinsed off with a stream of water, which can be cold or warm according to the customer’s preference.

The clean body needs protection, which is accomplished by applying a liquid wax to the car’s surface. The dried thin layer of wax ensures the preservation of the car’s paint and creates a uniform shine.

To achieve an impeccable exterior appearance, demineralized water (reverse osmosis) is used. It eliminates any visible water spots or streaks after drying.

The car looks as if it just came out of the showroom: not a drop of dirt, debris, or water stains.

Self-Service Car Wash Control Terminal

In order for drivers to be able to pay for the services, the equipment needs to be prepared. Each station has:
– A bill acceptor
– Slots for inserting coins and tokens
– A slot for loyalty card payment with De-Wash

List of options in the “Car Wash” category

The car wash for vehicles offers the following options:

– Foam under pressure. There is a regular chemical composition option and a highly active alternative with fast-acting properties (pink foam).
– High-pressure water. Cold and hot water options are available for quickly rinsing off the foam.
– Cleanser. Also used for removing foam.
– Wax – provides protective properties for the car’s body, enhancing the shine of the paint.
– Reverse osmosis – demineralized water that removes excess auto chemicals, water streaks from dried droplets and streams.
– Pause. Helps to temporarily stop the ongoing process.

Additional Features of De-Wash Self-Service Car Wash

Every car wash owner is interested in ensuring enhanced comfort at the facility. This increases profitability and makes the establishment more attractive.

Café, Store
Depending on the availability of free time, one driver may grab a quick snack, another may have a proper meal on the go, and yet another may purchase something for their children. Including a point of sale during the construction of a turnkey car wash facility becomes another factor in attracting customers.

Clean Water
It is useful both on the road and at home. Installing a dispenser that provides purified water 24/7 would be beneficial. It should be designed to allow customers to fill bottles and containers with water from the self-service car wash dispenser.

Tire Inflation
A tire service area is necessary for checking tire pressure and timely inflation. For year-round operation, the system should be equipped with heaters. The system includes hoses, pressure gauges, air guns, and filters for the supplied air. It should have protection against power surges and an overheating safety feature.

Interior Cleaning
Industrial vacuum cleaners at the car wash can quickly clean the vehicle’s upholstery, removing dirt and dust. This area is located separately from the main self-service car wash area since interior cleaning is not required as frequently.

Exclusive Products at the Turnkey Car Wash

a) Pink Foam: It is a high-density shampoo based on alkaline components with added surfactants, alcohol-based ingredients, adhesion enhancers, and rinsing speed boosters. This innovative self-service car wash product contains components that, after the reaction is complete, transform into carbon dioxide and water. The contact time should not exceed 2 minutes, and it is applied to a dry car body.
b) Silicone Wheel Blackening Agent: It prevents rubber from drying out and enhances the intensity of the color. It repels water and reduces the adhesion of road dirt.
If you haven’t been to a self-service car wash before, try this method of taking care of your car. The instructions will help you understand how to use the products. Fellow drivers are always ready to provide practical advice. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the operator.

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