De-Wash self-service
washing terminal

De-Wash self-service washing terminal

When choosing equipment for a self-service car wash, pay attention to the control terminal. It replaces a consultant, operator, and cashier, ready to function 24/7 and obediently fulfill the customers’ wishes without a word.

What is a VIP terminal?

Imagine that you are visiting a self-service car wash for the first time around midnight. There is no one around, it’s late, but you still want to wash your car. You have to rely on your resourcefulness since there is no one to consult with.

A VIP terminal is an administrator and executor in one. It offers a range of options and provides on-screen instructions on how to use them. Suddenly, the initial fear dissipates, and everything becomes understandable and accessible.

The payment terminal of a self-service car wash is ready to handle transactions in a convenient way for the customer. You can insert cash into the bill acceptor, use a banking payment instrument, or use the De-Wash customer card.

The option selection allows you to create a car cleaning program. You can choose only white/pink foam and dirt removal, add waxing with osmosis, engine cleaning, and tire blackening. Additionally, most self-service car washes offer both cold and hot water (the latter is particularly convenient in winter).

The car wash terminal is not just a device with built-in buttons. It changes the screen color depending on the operation being performed, actively participating in every process.

Attractive design is used to enhance the interior aesthetics of the car wash. We offer a terminal for self-service washing made of non-oxidizing metal and complemented by tempered glass inserts. This prevents moisture from entering, which can quickly damage the internals of the VIP terminal, and protects the device components from vandalism.

A multifunctional device like the self-service car wash terminal won’t argue with the owner, demand days off, vacation, or sick pay.

Remote Management
of Self-Service Car Wash

IT specialists put a lot of effort into creating the payment terminal for a self-service car wash. We are talking about online control and remote business management. With the help of the car wash terminal, the owner can remotely access the necessary information about:

  • ongoing processes in real-time;
  • operating parameters of units and systems, fluid and foam pressures, chemical, water, electricity, and heat consumption;
  • costs per car service (in volume units and price format) with the possibility of subsequent adjustments;
  • revenue options and financial turnover per unit of time, at each station, and overall for the self-service car wash;
  • the technical condition of the entire complex and individual working units;
  • the ability to view information about each customer. Data encryption and user authentication technologies prevent drivers’ personal data from falling into the wrong hands;
  • promotional offers and accumulated customer bonuses.

Such a radical approach is very convenient for the owner of a self-service car wash who is often located in different cities and countries. They can also optimize the cost aspect of the business and adjust the washing equipment parameters remotely through the VIP terminal. The terminal becomes the investor’s “right-hand man,” an invisible manager to whom they can confidently entrust the remote business management. With its invaluable assistance, process efficiency improves, service quality increases, which positively impacts future profitability.

The car wash control terminal:
a partner with zero ambitions

Let’s summarize the information we’ve received.
The terminal’s software has turned the equipment into a convenient and invaluable assistant. It is responsible for generating statistics on the progress of processes, materials used, revenue earned, and the workload of individual stations in the self-service car wash.

The VIP terminal replaces an entire team of staff that would have to be paid monthly salaries and taxes to the tax authorities. Now, these funds can be directed towards further business development or used to meet one’s own financial needs.

The device allows for the proper formulation of marketing policies based on real operating data of the self-service car wash.
All that is required during the use of the car wash terminal is timely technical maintenance of the device. And then the payment equipment will work smoothly, according to the algorithms set by the manufacturer.

Order a car wash control terminal

Contact De-Wash company to obtain certified equipment for your car wash. With it, any driver will quickly understand how to use the terminal at the self-service car wash, while the business owner will significantly simplify the management of their own business.

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