A company for the construction of self-service car washes

Hello future self-service car wash owners! You will now get acquainted with a company that has been building turnkey car washes in Ukraine for more than 10 years. Hundreds of successful projects and you will now find out why

De-wash is a company that builds and equips self-service car washes. Innovations, solutions for the launch and successful operation of a self-service car wash.

Self-service car wash business development company

Why would you like to work with our company? We will give you a phrase that is often repeated by one of the founders of the De-wash company
Self-service car wash is not just a keypad control terminal, the name of the company. This is a correct, clear, sustained concept that guarantees you results in a competitive environment.
Dmitry Tsybulev
Company founder

How to start a self-service car wash business?

The first thing we recommend that you start a business in addition to collecting information on documents. This is an analysis of your site and competitors.

Our company will never recommend that you build a car wash on a site that will not be profitable. Or the sink will pay off for a long time.

What you need to know about the site for the construction of a self-service car wash?

  • The area should be large enough to accommodate all the working areas that make up the self-service car wash, so that it is as comfortable as possible for your client. Including check-in, check-out, waiting area, etc.
  • Communications for normal and stable operation of the sink.
  • Location of lot in a place where your clients live or frequent

For more information, you can always contact us by phone +48 721 694 002

Analysis of the site for the construction of a self-service car wash, we carry out on our own in order to make a detailed business plan for the construction and development of your business. This is what sets us apart from many companies. We are committed and guarantee you that your wash will be successful.

Self-service car wash equipment

Here, of course, you will not envy. In such a quantity of equipment for self-service car washes, it is difficult to determine worthy and reliable. But if you work with us, then you have already made a choice.

Our equipment is already installed on hundreds of washing complexes in Ukraine and the CIS countries. now we
we will be happy to place and implement it in car washes in Europe.

Italian equipment, most of which is made according to our terms of reference, so you can say that unique equipment will be located at your car wash

Car wash development business plan. From De-wash

This is not a dry document, it is a complete document with detailed capabilities of your complex, based on the analysis of the site, terrain and potential customers.

Again, there is one most important condition for the plan to work. You must follow all the recommendations that will be offered to you by our specialists.

All figures reflected in the business plan may have an error of 2%

Construction of a self-service car wash on a turnkey basis

Important!!! We will not only build and run your car wash, we will also accompany your business. If desired, we can train your staff in this case, we will increase your income by 30%. We also constantly monitor the quality of the services provided at our car washes. And if there is something wrong, then you will know about it

How long does it take to build a turnkey self-service car wash? According to the contract that we will sign with you. And the dates that will be entered in it. Of course, we can’t talk about all objects, but 95% we open within 2 months. The contract stipulates penalties if we do not launch your business on time.
Why is it important for us to open your car wash on time? In addition to penalties, we are still losing time to launch the next washes.

Construction estimate

Important document for you, on which contractors often earn and you lose money. Our estimate will be clear to you, it is fully detailed, you will immediately know what kind of cement and what brand will be used and its price. Knowing this, you can always check.

We want to warn you right away that the materials we use are designed for a long service life, and we take them only from trusted manufacturers. We guarantee quality.

You can independently control all processes, receiving full explanations. What? For what? And when? Although this information will be reflected in the construction plan.

Types of self-service car washes

In Ukraine, we built sinks of 3 types: standard, covered, robowash. You can order any car wash, we will come, see and calculate the profitability. Profitability is one of the factors in the construction and choice of the format of the future facility. This will be our first recommendation to you

Standard format sink. Such a sink is called a standard one, but this does not mean that such a sink cannot be with the VIP prefix. It is called standard only because of its external, visual characteristics. Namely open boxes.

Sink standard execution, but VIP

This self-service car wash has been a leader in the city for many years. After that, washes were built by competitors, but ….

There are a number of factors why, competitors could not bypass our car wash in terms of indicators, but only exceeded the number of customers.

  • Competitors made mistakes that we took advantage of
  • They also could not achieve such a quality of service (this means that their cars are not washed well. They could not achieve such a speed and at the same time the same quality and a few more nuances)
  • As mentioned earlier, the staff was trained by us.
  • And the most important thing is the comfort of the client in everything
Indoor sinks. This sink format was introduced and built first in Ukraine by our company De-wash. Such complexes provide a number of advantages compared to the standard format.

Basically, such sinks are placed in windy places. We do everything for the comfort of the client and this gives advantages. In such a box, it is comfortable to wash your car, especially in the cold winter months. The gates close and the person (client) is in complete comfort.

Combining the standard and covered format of sinks is just as logical and we have done it more than once. Again, we make all such decisions together with the customer, after analyzing the location and the payback period of investments.

Pictured is a combination sink. Closed and open boxes

RoboWash – automatic, fast, contactless car wash. Such sinks are popular and everyone who installed such a device at their facility was satisfied. The robot, first of all, became an advertisement, aroused great interest and excitement.

As always, we had to refine it to get the maximum. After a month of efforts, we have achieved the quality that we consider worthy to provide to our customers.

Combining business at self-service car washes

Another of our decisions was the combination of business, which we applied in Ukraine and are going to apply in European countries. This is additional traffic for your customers and increased profits.

What business to combine the self-service car wash business with

  • Cafe
  • Burger
  • Parts Store
  • S.T.O
  • Grocery store
  • etc.

All options are acceptable, but judging by our experience. The most relevant is, fast food. While the client is washing the car, his family can comfortably wait for him in the cafe. And if you also cook delicious pizza, burger or hot dogs, then people will simply come to you to eat and at the same time use the washing services.

An example would be the car wash where the burger joint was opened and it is the most popular car wash in the city, not only because of the quality of the car wash. What is most interesting, there are two more self-service car washes nearby Kovel car wash “GARAGE”

Options for cooperation with De-wash

Our company is loyal in terms of cooperation, and therefore we have considered and chosen for you the possibility of working together, which will be beneficial to both you and us.

I want to build a sink myself, I need advice. This option is suitable for those who have their own construction organization or a familiar construction contractor. In this case, we sign a contract with you and assume obligations with a guarantee that the sink will be built with all quality marks.
You build and adhere to all the recommendations that we give you. We supervise the construction.
You can work with our company as it is convenient for you.
We have no restrictions, for example, you need to calculate the estimate, we will do it.
We need a business plan, we will do it.

If you want to buy equipment, we have it.
Build a turnkey car wash and accompany your business. With pleasure.
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