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About us

A complete solution for those who would like to buy self-service carwashes in the near future. We generate ideas, carry out analytical justification of the choice of location, make a business plan, carry out the installation of equipment, carry out design developments, implement architectural projects.

We supply equipment for car wash self-service in Ukraine, in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. We create a complete road map for the client: from search for land to commissioning the complex. We provide service and regular technical support in the work of carwash self-service “turnkey”.

The company DE-WASH has more than 40 employees, including highly qualified engineers, designers, developers, marketers. They will quickly and efficiently perform the technical task of any complexity. Combination of advanced technologies, Italian equipment and correct choice of the program of self-service washing successfully helps to clean any dirt on a bodywork, including the stuck bitumen of asphalt roads.

We make active washing foam according to a special technology. It gently cleans your car without harming the paint finish, details in the wheel arches and tires. Studies have shown that a car wash that uses touchless technology to clean cars is best suited for customers in today’s marketplace.

DE-WASH mobile application

  Quick authorization
  Management of the client base
  QR code scanning
  Automatic detection of sink and post
  Support for all issued cards in Ukraine
  Selection of washing programs
  Information about the cost of options
  Dynamic pause
  Ability to save money and bonuses
  Entry of family cars
  Using one bonus account
  Recommendations about the washing processБЮ

Our achievements

We are constantly developing and implementing new technologies in order to achieve better results at all stages of work. Over the years we have gone from implementing simple technologies to fully automating all processes.

2011 year

Opening of DE-WASH.

From the first months we began to actively develop. The idea became reality!

2015 year

Start of opening representative offices in the territory of Ukraine

Our company started active work inside the country. The number of people, wishing to have self-service carwash as business, increased

2018 year

Implementation of Lean-technology

Lean technology has helped us take a streamlined approach to production processes. We have optimized technical steps in order to produce in much higher volumes and without loss of quality. By doing so, we have met the actively growing demand of those wishing to set up a self-service car wash business

2020 year

Process automation and going online

In the flurry of today’s digital world, you need to be as automated and visible as possible. We have realized this by using new technologies, creating an online store and a customer server.

2022 year

European branch opened

For investors, who wish to buy a self-service carwash in European Union countries, we have opened an office in Krakow (Poland) and set up a production base.

2013 year

Entering CIS countries

We were working hard and for a long time in Ukraine, after that we started to build carwashes in CIS countries

2017 year

Created 5 representative offices in their country

Thanks to responsible and quality work on all aspects of the organization of self-service sinks, the scale of our activities began to gain momentum. Five De-Wash ̶ open locations is not the limit!

2019 year

Introduction of technology to save chemical costs

By using a digital chemical dosing system, we save up to 50% in material consumption. At the same time, the quality of the self-service car wash using modern equipment remains exceptionally high

2021 year

Washroom management based on artificial intelligence

Information modernization ̶ a push to a new financial level! A real breakthrough in self-service carwash production in Poland, Ukraine and Romania was the introduction of artificial intelligence.

Advantages of cooperation with the company

  • Development of personal technical solutions.
  • Successful business organization in conditions of high competition.
  • You and your clients will be satisfied with the quality of the car wash.
  • Possibility to arrange the complete range of services: from project development to commissioning
  • Minimum profitability of car wash self-service “turnkey” – 30%.
    And, you need to try very hard to make it so low
  • Already in a year and a half the car wash business owner manages
    to “recoup” the money invested and start to make a profit
  • DE-WASH own original developments are constantly being improved.
  • Individual success rate depends on start-up capital, chosen type
    of construction, location and other factors
  • Equipment is designed with double reserve of power and durability, because self-service car washes operate twenty-four hours a day
  • Our digital dosing system has greatly reduced consumption of chemicals.
  • Our systems are prepared for winter services. Cars can be washed
    at all temperatures
  • We give a 5-year guarantee on all our self-service carwash equipment!

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